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Rethinking reactivity with Svelte

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I just watched this video from the creator of Svelte about the current state of "reactive frameworks" in the web dev eco system. Svelte is a great idea and with Svelte 3 this framework (compiler) looks really good!

For the best intro out there you can check out this video by Jeff from Fireship. He gives a great quick crash course on the important parts of Svelte and how to use it.

I'm currently developing all my web projects using Vue. The simplicity in state management compared to the setState calls other frameworks make use of is refreshing. I have tried out all the other frameworks and have stuck with Vue. I'm excited to check out Svelte3 to see what it has to offer. I have a few ideas I need to test out, I think I'll test one of it out in Svelte3.

If I had a comment section I would say leave a comment, but I'm still building that 😅

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