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Easy Custom Loading Indicators in Flutter with FlutterSpinKit

Better load indicators using the flutter_spinkit package.

Posted on:June 4, 2019
2 minutes

In most of my tutorials I use a Circular progress indicator when I want to show any kind of busy state. It’s not bad, at all, but you might want something more appealing or that matches your design. Something like below.

Android SpinKit examples

Well you’re in Luck. Flutter SpinKit does just that.


To get started add the package to your pubspec

flutter_spinkit: ^3.1.0


There are many indicators to be used so I won’t go over them all. This post should serve as a CheatSheet for all the widgets your can use. Setup your UI like below and test it out.

class MyApp extends StatelessWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return MaterialApp(
      home: Scaffold(
        backgroundColor: Colors.grey[800],
          body: Center(
        child: SpinKitWave(color: Colors.white, type: SpinKitWaveType.start),

Here is a list of all the widgets for you to use. To experiment you can replace the child of Center with any of the following and refresh your UI to see it working.

SpinKitRotatingCircle(color: Colors.white)
SpinKitRotatingPlain(color: Colors.white)
SpinKitChasingDots(color: Colors.white)
SpinKitPumpingHeart(color: Colors.white)
SpinKitPulse(color: Colors.white)
SpinKitDoubleBounce(color: Colors.white)
SpinKitWave(color: Colors.white, type: SpinKitWaveType.start)
SpinKitWave(color: Colors.white, type:
SpinKitWave(color: Colors.white, type: SpinKitWaveType.end)
SpinKitThreeBounce(color: Colors.white)
SpinKitWanderingCubes(color: Colors.white)
SpinKitWanderingCubes(color: Colors.white, shape:
SpinKitCircle(color: Colors.white)
SpinKitFadingFour(color: Colors.white)
SpinKitFadingFour(color: Colors.white, shape: BoxShape.rectangle)
SpinKitFadingCube(color: Colors.white)
SpinKitCubeGrid(size: 51.0, color: Colors.white)
SpinKitFoldingCube(color: Colors.white)
SpinKitRing(color: Colors.white)
SpinKitDualRing(color: Colors.white)
SpinKitRipple(color: Colors.white)
SpinKitFadingGrid(color: Colors.white)
SpinKitFadingGrid(color: Colors.white, shape: BoxShape.rectangle)
SpinKitHourGlass(color: Colors.white)
SpinKitSpinningCircle(color: Colors.white)
SpinKitSpinningCircle(color: Colors.white, shape: BoxShape.rectangle)
SpinKitFadingCircle(color: Colors.white)
SpinKitPouringHourglass(color: Colors.white)

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